ANT Radio Service 4.12.0


Interface to ANT Radio on phones with ANT wireless support.

You may need to reboot your phone after upgrading versions.

Currently supported phones (may require a firmware upgrade);
- Sony Ericsson: X10 mini, X10 mini pro, X8, Arc, Neo and Pro.
If you cannot see this application from the Market on your device, then it does not support ANT wireless.

Permissions required:
- com.dsi.ant.permission.ANT
Allows the service to use it's own functionality.

- com.dsi.ant.permission.ANTRADIO
To connect to the ANT hardware.

- android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED
This service doesn't run at startup. but needs to detect the BOOT COMPLETED notification to make sure the connection to the system service doesn't occur before it is initialised (which is at BOOT COMPLETED)

- android.permission.VIBRATE
If an application wants to Force Claim the ANT Interface from another application (only 1 application can have control at a time), the ANT Radio Service will create a notification so you can choose to allow control to be transferred. Default vibrate/beep/flash LED settings will be used, so it may want to vibrate your phone at this point.


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